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Creating strong brand communications means looking past the obvious. The in-house illustration strengths of Unicycle Creative's Lorne Craig offer clients a range of unique visual solutions for online, print, video, and even little face towels, if that's what is called for.

From a sustainability perspective, you could say all the illustrations on this site were created very locally.

Cadillac Fairview, owners of Vancouver's Pacific Centre mall, wanted to bring a sense of fashion and function to their recycling and sustainable promotions. Clean, image-based illustrations led the way, helping non-verbally educate food court customers about diverting their waste and providing a graphic standard that was used for facilities signage and special displays.


Editorial-style cartoons can be particularly effective in communicating sensitive issues in a non-threatening, yet powerful way.

These were used online in the GreenBriefs and GreenPositive blogs.


Sometmes, there is no rhyme, reason or client involved in Lorne's illustrations. They just happen. Like a rash.



Illustration done live in a white board video for Hemlock Printers.

Another video featuring illustration, this time for uber-green client Left Coast Naturals. Read more about how this was made on the Green briefs blog.



The live 'Sketch-Blog' is a technique developed by Lorne Craig using the iPad and an amazing digital sketchbook app called 'Paper by Fifty-Three'. Check out Lorne's Sketch-Blogs from Sustainable Brands 2012, and the Scotstainable Journey Road Trip on

Pen & Ink / Digital Combination. This series of Gastown drawings was originally done for the 21 Doors real estate development by the Salient Group. I later combined them with digital backgrounds to create a rich, historic effect. You can see the whole series on the Green Briefs blog here.



Poster for Vancouver band, The Bent Nails. Pen & ink illustration, layered up in Illustrator.


Info graphics can be an excellent way to communicate complex concepts and systems. These illustrations were created for Drax Power, UK, to illustrate the advantages of co-firing biomass with coal.

This illustration was done as a topsheet design proposal for Prior Skis & Snowboards, a local manufacturer operating out of Whistler, Canada. To highlight their local manufacturing and dedication to the Whistler lifestyle, the design features Highway 99 (the road from Vancouver to Whistler) in all its wacky glory. The detail pullouts here are but a small sampling. See the full-size version here on the GreenBriefs blog.

Photoshop illustration done for a Genesis Recycling campaign to source abandoned e-waste from businesses. You can read more about the initiative here on the GreenPositive blog.

Sometimes an illustration is just a piece of life, grabbed one spring morning on a deck in the Coast Mountains.


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