If you take the R train from Manhattan south to Union station in Brooklyn, you emerge in a streetscape that looks somewhat less than eco-friendly. But a few brownstone-lined blocks over, on a charming street of shops, you’ll find 3R Living, a tidy boutique of recycled, re-thought and refreshing lifestyle products. The store is the brainchild of couple Samantha Delman-Caserta and Mark Caserta, who combined her background in marketing with his involvement in environmental issues to create a business they could really live. The shop smells deliciously of beeswax and Mrs. Meyer’scleaning products, a line of soaps, toilet cleaners and sprays that bring a touch of aromatherapy to everyday scrubbing. Other offerings include organic linens, wallets made from inner tubes, and solar-powered backpacks that will charge your phone in places you won’t even be able to get reception. Heading for their third year of operation, Samantha and Mark say it is going very well, with much success due to their on-line sales portal. When asked about possible expansion plans, Mark was cautiously optimistic, saying that he wanted to get all of their existing systems perfectly buttoned down first. Suffice it to say it was extremely heartening to see such a future-friendly venture succeeding. (Personally, I think they would kick ass on west 4thavenue in Vancouver.) Visit them in Brooklyn at 276L 5th Ave, or on-line athttp://www.3rliving.com.


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