Sustainable Road Trip to Sustainable BrandsAnnie Longsworth, Managing Director, Cohn & Wolfe
Russ Meyer, Landor Associates
Jay Leveton, Penn, Schoen & Berland

This presentation was largely statistical, so here are the numbers. Research geeks, enjoy:

The study was done in the US and U.K. with 3000 adults
2007: 3600+ new green products
45,000+ green/sustainable articles

Economic concerns are growing again – In the US 77% are most concerned about the Economy, vs 17% who are more concerned about the Environment.

Global warming has dropped to third place behind carbon emissions and energy.
Most pressing oil issue is around the price at 47%, with the effect on environment only the most important for 14% of respondents.
As economy worsens, 36% of people turn to government as being responsible and to drive solutions.

Top 10 US Green Brands:
Whole Foods
Burts Bees
Trader Joes
Toms of Maine
Toyota, 7th Generation (tie)
GE/Honda (tie)

Amtrak came in at #1 in the travel category (taking over from Southwest Airlines)
Consumers have come to understand carbon footprint.

People want to spend more on green shopping choices:
2007 – 44% down to 38% for 2008
35% want to spend the same

Traditional Values continue to drive purchase intent:
Honest trustworthy
Safe, Natural
Works to cut pollution/ waste
Cares about community
Last on the list – ‘has a green vision for the future’

95% think companies use too much packaging
45% want more recycled materials in packaging
38% want less packaging altogether

Familiarity with key terms
Recyclable 98%
Organic 93%
Natural 93%
Eco Friendly 89%
83% of people don’t know what “Greenwashing” means

Internet is the #1 source for green product information, across all incomes and demographics.

Apologies if I have mangled any of the stats. Dammit, Jim, I’m a Unicyclist, not a researcher!

One in a series of articles on Lorne’s Sustainable Journey to the Sustainable Brands 08 Conference in Monterey CA. Click here for the full list of sessions, or here for the ‘Fear & Loathing’ road trip journals.

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