Thanks to everyone who answered the survey on what I should see and blog about from Sustainable Brands 08. Here are the winners. (Stay tuned to see if I actually listen!)

Monday June 2:
Morning: Desirability and Sustainability: the Opportunity for Brand and Design – 26.1%
Afternoon: Measuring Your Social Footprint – 13.1%

Tuesday June 3:
1:45 – 2:30 Conscious Consumers Are Changing the Rules of Marketing. Are You Ready? – 47.8%
2:35 – 3:20 Leveraging Social Networks to Build Brand and Drive Change – 59.1% 

3:25 – 4:10 De-Commoditizing Through Sustainability – 55% 

Wednesday June 4:
1:30 – 2:15 Making Sustainability Relevant – 60.9%
2:20 – 3:05 Targeting the Chameleon Consumer and What Do They Think Makes “Green” Products Green? – 58.3%
3:10 – 3:55 Current & Future Trends in Measuring Sustainability – 50%

Thursday June 5:
11:25 – 12:10 Innovations in Sustainable Packaging – 45.8%

And from the comments section, some of my favourites:

Follow the money or make the money follow you!

I HATE that people have been reduced to the word CONSUMER. It drives me absolutely crazy. Can you get this brain-trust to come up with a new, less-offensive word? We citizens do more than consume dammit (at least I hope we do).

What should my networking strategy be?
Blinding charisma.
Do some and send me half. 

Chicken or Fish?
Wild Pacific Chicken 

For direct access to all the results, click here.

Thanks again!

One in a series of articles on Lorne’s Sustainable Journey to the Sustainable Brands 08 Conference in Monterey CA. Click here for the full list of sessions, or here for the ‘Fear & Loathing’ road trip journals.

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