Kimpton Hotels EarthcareSteve Pinetti, SVP Sales and Marketing, Kimpton (Earth Care) Hotels
Jeff Slye, CEO, BEC & Strategic Advisor, Business Evolution Consulting

Kimpton has long focused on quality of service and creating a guest experience, helping guests maintain their lifestyle while on the road. But since 2005 they have gone even further with their EarthCare program.

Founded by Bill Kimpton 1981 A privately-held company, the leading collection of boutique style hotels in US. 43 hotels in US and Canada. (including Pacific Pallisades in Vancouver) As a smaller chain, Kimpton has the flexibility to experiment. The Triton Hotel in Los Angeles started with an ‘eco-floor’, featuring all organic products and recycling in every room. The program spread, and was formalized in 2005 as EarthCare – a name actually brought forward by a member of Kimpton’s green team. Its mission: “Support a sustainable world by using non-intrusive, high-quality, eco-friendly products and services at all Kimpton Hotels”

Now EarthCare  represents over 40 different daily practices in place at all Kimpton Hotels, including a program that is as simple ass it is successful; Recycle bins in all guest rooms. Says Pinetti, “It puts EarthCare ‘in the face’ of our guests, and it also allows them to participate. We have great feedback on it.” Another key to success has been partnership with a third party NGO. The Trust for Public Land benefits from a special reservation code offer that sees $10 per room night donated when customers book on-line with the TPL reservation code.
EarthCare has had great impacts on the brand, with positive effects on brand equity, employee values, guest values and the bottom line. Pinetti claims 18% of guests book with Kimpton specifically as a result of their sustainability initiatives. But Pinetti sees their role as a larger one.

“We’re starting a ripple of innovation. We want other hotel chains to take it on.” 


One in a series of articles on Lorne’s Sustainable Journey to the Sustainable Brands 08 Conference in Monterey CA. Click here for the full list of sessions, or here for the ‘Fear & Loathing’ road trip journals.


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