Inhance Mutual Funde Video

Thinking about creating a corporate video to post on YouTube? Think ahead and you’ll thank yourself later.

In 2007, Unicycle Creative produced a video presentation for Inhance Mutual Funds – a DVD called Return on Responsibility™, that featured Dr. Marc Garneau (Canada’s first main in space) highlighting the beauty and fragility of our earth as seen from space. For 2008, the video has now been uploaded to YouTube, making it even easier to communicate to potential customers interested in responsible investing. Because the video was produced using Inhance representatives as well as our celebrity spokesman, it was a fairly straightforward task to re-edit the footage for YouTube and avoid any potential issues with talent rights.

So if you’re creating your corporate video masterpiece and want to put it in the realm of YouTube (and who wouldn’t) make sure before you shoot that your talent contracts cover unlimited usage online. If not, be sure to also cover any important messages using graphics or company spokespeople, to use in editing for online purposes.

Got an older corporate video production you want to repurpose? A fresh edit for YouTube, with a little fresh content (and a keen eye on the usage rights) could be just what the Doctor ordered.

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