The future looks as bright as the August sunshine, even if all the power fails due to air conditioner overload. Because the Vortex Hand Cranked Blender will create any variety of blended concoction with nothing more than the power of your own bulging biceps. But can it handle the crushed ice, toxic tequila and caustic lime mixture that helps us hang on? Apparently it can. The good folks at TerraPass (carbon offset and general green product distributors) gave it a try one Friday and put the video test on their web site. Very convincing.

Curious, I followed my web nose to the GSI web site, makers (or at least primary distributors) of this unique device. Here I found their version of the product’s story:

“Increase your popularity. Make new friends. Pick up ladies. These are just a few of the hidden benefits of owning our hand-cranked blender. This amazing little unit is an outdoor party in the making. And it also mixes up healthy smoothies, sauces and pancake batter…” 

Hmmm. OK. But the margarita video was way more convincing for me. Now that product demonstrations are just a YouTube away, why not let some of your most rabid fans go wild with your green products, and get the word out there in a fresh, tart, tangy way.

Now we’ll just need the pedal-cranked freezer to make the ice.

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