SNCF, France’s national railway, and their parking subsidiary, Effia, have announced a great new deal for electric car drivers. When they park to take the train, they can plug in and recharge for free.
This represents a level of cross-platform eco marketing we haven’t yet seen in North America, stuck as we are with Transport Canada dragging their feet on electric car approvals and ‘Canada’s New Government’ letting passenger rail crumble.
But the signs are there that this is the way more providers of green products and services will gain momentum. Imagine the possible links. Organic garlic with a coupon for organic mouthwash. Discounts on spa leg treatments for people who buy new commuter bikes. Compostable coffin vouchers for buyers of organic tobacco. All kidding aside, if you’re a green marketer, who could link with your product or service? Who could you swap customer lists with? What public service could benefit from association with your brand?
Plug it in and go.

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