One wheel on a winter mission.

As winter hits our idyllic Vancouver wonderland, reminding us of what most of Canada faces for 3-4 months of the year, I can’t help but notice that the snow does, for a short time, make us nicer people. We greet neighbours we would otherwise ignore, smiling at the communal inconvenience, the forced withdrawal from the rat race. We help each other push cars out of parking pits. We shovel the walk just a little further down our neighbour’s way. We share that ‘snow-day’ feeling of missing school, skipping work, and delaying shopping. So here’s to that holiday state, holed up inside with family and friends, working our way through turkey dinner and liquor cabinet leftovers. Living in the now and sending a prayer out to those not blessed with such abundance.

Best of the Holidays, Dear Green Briefs Readers. May your track through 2009 be straight, narrow and true.


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