recycled_clockThis booth was a smart sharing of resources, between a responsible recycler and an artisan who uses their raw materials. The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) works to refurbish systems that are feasible to restore, and recycle the rest for worthy charities and organizations. When I took a closer look at their website I found a series of YouTube mini-videos and a rather strange animatronic woman who welcomed me with a Stephen Hawking-like voice, before following my mouse around the screen with her eyes. The first YouTube video I watched gave me a much better feeling, with the phrase “…instead of reduce reuse recycle, it’s more like reuse, reuse, reuse…”
The Unique Stained Glass Works part of the booth featured some very unique pieces made with old circuit boards, leaded in the old-world stained glass style. I found the business card holders to have particular potential as eco-promo gifts.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: For ERA, featuring more of the associations and charities that benefit from their work might be nice… with a more human feeling overall.

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