natureland_organic_beerWhen I reported on this product last year, my main comment was ‘great beer, shame about the packaging’. Well, this year, the beer is just as good, and the packaging… better. Brian Hansford, Territory Manager for Pacific Western Brewing, told me the packaging had definitely helped sales, pointing out that the new box now actually features a picture of the bottle. The booth included POS designed on the same theme, and overall the effect reflects much better on the quality of the product.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: The package looks good, but could use some story. What is Natureland? What makes it different than other beers? Is there a web site? (Actually, not that I could find. Googling just led me to the Pacific Brewing site, which featured the OLD package) Time now to tell the world the story behind the beer, and create marketing that talks to nature-loving organic beer drinkers everywhere. Email me for more ideas. Will write for beer.

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