This is one of my favourite all-time brands. (At least from a functionality perspective) I have searched for and discovered many treasures there, as well as dropping off numerous items of my own that I hope have found their own second lives with other bargain-hunters. It made perfect sense to me that they should have a presence at EPIC, as they are one of the original green brands, offering benefits on both the environmental and social fronts. The booth was modest in size, and featured a few interesting clothing treasures. But it could have done so much more.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: It seemed the booth could have been either a found-treasure showcase or a shopping area, but ended up being somewhere in between. The backdrop showed some of the good work being done by the organization, and Reuse, Rehabilitate, Recycle is a great line. But the booth would have benefited from some more upscale design and messaging for this sophisticated market. In fact, I believe the entire Thrift Store brand is due for a makeover. People are recycling really good quality stuff these days, and with both the economy and greener shopping taking the front seat, the Salvation Army needs to remove any psychological barriers to more upscale customers deciding to shop there.

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