It’s male logic taken to the next level. Why waste more water flushing the toilet when the shower is already doing a perfectly good job? Yes, this 45-second spot from Brazil is seriously recommending that people save water by peeing in the shower. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the spot features  animated shower silhouettes  – “men, women, children … the noble, the peasants … people who are half-man, half-monster” – happily peeing away behind the shower curtain. Children’s voices give the ad an innocence and playfulness that goes a long way in distracting from the ‘ick’ factor, and the fact that each toilet flush uses up to 12 litres of drinking water makes a pretty good logical side for the argument. The client for this campaign is SOS Mata Atlantica, a well-respected non-profit that has battled the destruction of the Brazilian rainforests. According to the article in the Globe & Mail, a representative at the Brazilian embassy this week said that after the TV network Globo did a story on the campaign, the spot went viral.

It all leads me to wonder – what other habits we might see in a new environmental light? How about turning your underwear inside-out to wear them again before wasting more laundry water? Eating over the sink to save washing dishes? Or drinking beer instead of bottled H20?

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