I am digitally distinct! Visit onlineIDCalculator.com
There’s now one more way for us to measure ourselves against the world. The Online Identity Calculator, created by the Reach Branding Club, promises to “…evaluate the strength of your online brand”, by having you enter in some statistics and leading you through a self-assessment of the  Google results on your own name. It’s a pretty basic exercise, but it is a good check-in point for anyone concerned about their personal web profile.

And that is something you should be interested in, even if you aren’t looking for a job or positioning yourself as a consultant. All those Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, blog posts and web bio’s add up. Do they say what you want them to?

If they do, you rate as ‘Digitally Distinct’, and get a link to their badge and an ego-boosting chance to spread the word, (like on this blog for instance) It’s a nice way to propagate a branding idea, and at the same time, flog book and consulting services for Reach Branding.

So if you’re comfortable giving some info up to a reasonably-reliable-looking source, (they do collect a nice tidy packet of info up front, which of course, they promise never to sell), take the test. If not, you might at least appreciate the stickiness of their brand promotion concept.

Either way, your personal online brand is well worth considering.

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