logo_440761gm-aI’m hoping that I will be lambasted by irate backers of BC’s newest Aboriginal Marketing Certification program, pointing me to the obvious websites and supporting information I missed. I really am.

When I read yesterday’s Globe & Mail article showing off the new ‘Authentic Aboriginal’ logo and certification program I was impressed. It is a clean image and a good idea. I would much rather buy goods that I know are supporting legitimate local businesses and artisans, rather than art thieves with connections to Asian factories. It is also a testament to  hard work and community thinking that allowed 60 native organizations to come together under one seal. (Perhaps they should give seminars to our Provincial Government leaders)

But when I went looking for more information about the program, my enthusiasm wilted. There was no link to a website for more information in the Globe, so I Googled the term, only finding more news articles from the same PR release. Looking further to the beautifully art-directed Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC website, (mentioned in the newspaper article as providing the ‘rigorous screening’ for the program), there was not even a mention in the news section, let alone a page or two devoted to this important initiative.

So please, make me wrong. Show me where I can link to more description on the screening process, the marketing minds and designers behind the program, and better yet – a list of approved products and services. And while you’re at it, a place where I can sign up for an e-newsletter to keep me informed.

If that doesn’t exist yet, give me a call. You have a great story to tell, and I can help you find at least one Authentic Aboriginal writer to get it done.

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