Green is so hot

Ever since I first laid eyes on the Orion Slave Girl from the original pilot episode of Star Trek, I knew. Now the research backs it up.
A study recently called Eco-Insights, released by Earthsense, identified women as the green market’s most important movers. If you have a green brand, take note:
“Women are more likely than men to take actions such as donating money or time to an environmental group and boycotting products/brands with poor environmental reputations.” says Earthsense in their Echo e-newsletter. “They also are more likely to … go out of their way to buy brands they believe in.”
A few more highlights on the greener sex:

  • Top reasons for buying green food products: Taste (49%) and Ingredients (40%)
  • Top reasons for buying green personal care or household products: Ingredients (22%) and Health Concerns (20%)
  • Top three sources women trust for green info: Friends/Family/Colleagues (55%), Online search engines (50%) and Television (41%)
  • Social Media ranked 10th at just 19%
  • Percentage of women who think companies are not taking enough responsibility for the environment: 70%

When it comes to saving planets, Kirk and Spock might be well advised to let the Orion Slave Girl take the helm. If you are marketing a green product or service ask yourself if you are doing enough to communicate with this important species.
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