I’m ready for my closeup. Er, maybe a little too close. But it’s all for a good cause, namely the continued greening of one of BC’s great independent retailers. As some Green Briefs fans will know, I helped London Drugs brand launch their What’s the Green Deal sustainability program almost two years ago. Since then they have led the way in retail responsibility with programs like in-store recycling drop-off, free recycling for small appliances or electronics you replace with a London Drugs purchase, and of course, Bring Back the Pack – the only packaging recycling program that takes Styrofoam.

So now I’m leading with my chin to help spread the word. And I’m asking you to help. Tell me what I should feature. Ask me some tough questions. Suggest some on-camera stupid-human tricks. I’ll do my best to V-blog all about it.

And if you want London Drugs to continue getting even greener, don’t forget to tell your friends about What’s the Green Deal. That’s how social media works.

Many thanks to ace shooter and editor Don Barnard for cutting out most of my mistakes.

Gotta go now. They want me in the makeup truck.

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