In the green energy world, technology is king. Yet most customers, regulators, media and even many savvy investors don’t have the time or inclination to wrap their busy brains around a technologically complex brand. That’s why it’s so powerful when an idea is concentrated down to its simplest premise with a brand anyone can understand.

The Solar Tracking Tree is just such a moniker. In three simple words, this name describes many attributes of the product. It is a ‘solar’ solution, with all the energy-collecting imagery that implies. It tracks the sun, offering a dynamic advantage over static panels. But the real brilliance in this name is actually calling it a tree.

Who doesn’t like trees? Trees provide shade. Trees are green. Trees are friendly. With this one happy word, the company that promotes this product has brought it out of the cold, calculating, technical world, into a realm of natural, earth-friendly solutions.

When I saw the name ‘Solar Tracking Tree’ I immediately got a mental picture, and my curiosity was peaked. Their simple web site with its large, engaging video, answered my questions, and the leasing option made me wish I had a parking lot of my own to try them out on.

Branding can do a whole lot more than just describe. It can put a product or service into a whole new mindspace. Good job, Solar Tracking Tree. You get this week’s ‘Wish I’d Done That’ Award.

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