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In trying to live more sustainability, the occasional U-Turn is inevitable.  It seems not that long ago that I was reading about the screw top (or ‘Stelvin Closure, as they prefer to call it) and the plastic cork as being more sustainable improvements in wine closure technology. Not so, says Citizen Group Executive Creative Director Robin Raj.

For the mighty cork tree is a model of sustainable provision, offering up its cork bark to swarthy harvesters season after season, providing the largest export for the country of Portugal. Aluminum closures, on the other hand, are resource-intensive to produce and difficult to recycle. Don’t even get him started on the plastic plug.

Raj showed us a series of online videos. The quirky ‘Garth Lockwood, Sommellier’ series, example above, was only part of the story. The campaign also included a nicely-crafted ‘credibility’ piece (video below) for use in more corporate environs. The overall effect is a campaign that will likely resonate well with industry and consumers alike.

Overall I would have to say this rates on my ‘Wish-I’d-Done-That’ pile, and I applaud the client’s willingness to step outside the potentially stuffy world of oenophelia. To that end, breaking up the messaging into ‘credibility’ and ‘entertainment’ silos was a smart one, and a strategy worth keeping in mind for many green marketers. Cheers!

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