“Well I woke up this mornin…
and my SUV had died.

And my dog ran away… to get some
free range exercise.

Then my woman she left me…
to take that long SkyTrain ride

I got them low down Crazy,
Sustainable Commuting Blues…”

That’s how my Thursday morning started as I joined the herds heading for work with the Crazy Sustainable Commute 2011. Naturally, unicycling came immediately to mind as an appropriately whacked mode of transportation, but I thought singing the blues accompanied by ukulele would top it off in a suitably twisted fashion.

This is the second year for this event that challenges commuters to find really alternative ways to get to the office. It’s also the second year that Unicycle Creative has created a promotional video for the event. If you haven’t seen the incredible chicken-powered rocket sled, you should check it out here.

I must say, riding a unicycle while playing an instrument is definitely a challenge. There were several times when I had to choose between missing a chord and missing a curb. Overall, I don’t think it’s going to replace my usual city bike. And now I wonder how I’m going to top it next year…

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