Do you secretly enjoy recycling? Do you prefer organic carrots to Dorito’s? (OK that’s not really a reasonable comparison – especially at 2 in the morning…) But even if you just like the feeling of buying organic food for your kids, you could be Green Positive.

So what does that mean? Is there a test? Is it dangerous.

Green Positive is a project designed to explore the power of positive green thinking to effect change. Yes, there is a test (in BETA) that you can take here, and no, it’s not dangerous to anything except the status quo.

Brought to you by the fine folk from Green Briefs and Unicycle Creative, Green Positive will explore how the power of positive motivation works. We’ll post examples of green people, companies and technology that are making a huge positive difference. (like the world’s largest PV solar array) We will share strategies you can use in your own life to maintain and magnify the effect of your own Green Positive actions and attitudes.

So take the test. Check it out. Let us know what you think of the brighter side of sustainability.

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