Left Coast Naturals is a food company built on the principles of sustainability. So how can they tell that complex story in a way that is engaging, concise and as organic as their product?
Unicycle Creative proposed an animated web video, built around a storytelling voice from the Left Coast President himself.

But to begin with, we wanted to develop a strategic platform that would be unique and targeted to the context of the Left Coast brand.

SustainaFoodAbility became the title and unifying principle of the film. Through a series of candid interviews with Ian Walker, we compiled hours of anecdotes and values. Then we prioritized and organized the Left Coast story and illustrated it with hand drawn visual cartoons by Lorne Craig.
The result is a 4-minute overview that touches on history, brand advantages and genuine sustainability going forward. Check it out on YouTube, or find out more on the Left Coast website.

As an added bonus, the illustrations were drawn on an iPad using a digital sketchbook program called Paper by Fifty-Three, then layered and animated in Photoshop, exported as image sequences and edited in Final Cut Express.

Not a single sheet of drawing paper was used, saving at least one twig.

sustainable drawing

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