It’s about time recyclers got the hero status they deserve. So when London Drugs needed to spread the word about recycling for Earth Day 2014, we decided to get social with a heroic campaign.

We began with online video. Leaping out with balloons, confetti and an obnoxious bull-horn, we surprised shoppers using the London Drugs free in-store recycling service. We then festooned them with a stylish handmade medal and gave them $100 gift cards. (This settled their nerves appreciably) Check out some of the fun:

Everyday #GreenHeroes We Salute You! For shoppers not ‘lucky’ enough to get ambushed, we created an multi-pronged contest offering a $250 gift card, a Microsoft tablet and a 46″ Samsung TV. Customers can enter at the store (when they recycle), through Facebook or Twitter or by sending a ‘recycling selfie‘. This helps drive more contest entries and sharing from several vectors.

Setting a PR Challenge for the media. Our target is to double the recycling London Drugs usually handles in April, and spread the word about all of the things shoppers can take back totally free of charge. This creates a strong, measurable result that increases the newsworthiness of our campaign.


Getting the #GreenHeroes hashtag to take off takes a dedicated team. Having one dedicated main web landing page and a consistent hashtag is key to consistency and uptake. Unicycle Creative handled theming, video direction and obnoxious bullhorn duties, Wishpond handled the online contest strategy and integration, Wasserman & Partners took care of online media, PR was handled by Hartley PR. The concept was brainstormed by the entire team, including the London Drugs Marketing Department. Special thanks to the video team: Angela, Britta, Samantha and Shawn.

And of course, London Drugs customers, who are great sports and keep the whole Green Deal rolling with their sustainability efforts.

Click here to ‘like’ the contest and enter on Facebook

Click here to enter via Twitter

Click here to post your Recycling Selfie

green-hero-medal1Back Story: The Forging of the #GreenHeroes Medallions We wanted these medals to represent the values of London Drugs’ What’s the Green Deal Program, so we made them out of 100% recycled circuit boards, reclaimed from SIMS – LD’s responsible recycler for electronics, styrofoam and appliances. They were assembled by hand and cut using a solar-powered jigsaw. (Really!)

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