I return to this rarified world of sustainability professionals after a four year absence, looking forward to four days of immersion in systems thinking and a recharge of purpose. Not to mention beachside partying at San Diego’s Paradise Point Resort… a sort of 21st century Fantasy Island complete with golf cart shuttles and the ghost of Ricardo Montalban.
I am curious as to what will be different. Certainly a number of the sessions look more in-depth and detailed… (example) Will the conversation have shifted from ‘why’ sustainability to ‘how’ to get it done? Will there be any dilution of purpose… any jaded veterans or industry moles looking to co-opt the movement? (Or would that just be corporate evolution at work?)
This year I have joined the volunteer core as a blogger, helping to cover the event for the Sustainable Brands organization itself. So I will be linking to articles I write which will appear on the SB site.
But trust that I will still be practicing my own Hunter S Thompson-sequel form of Greenzo Journalism, looking for the undercurrents and overdogs that will define SB 2016.

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