Vancity Blog Cartoon by Lorne Craig

All the ingredients are here – overactive outdoor types, insane real estate, supercars, bike paths, yoga pants… so what does that have to do with the West Coast’s favourite feel-good financial institution? Well, Vancity has launched The Good Money Blog, chock full of stories and articles on living the YVR dream.

As part of that they asked Unicycle Creative’s Lorne Craig (me) to draw up a series of cartoons showing some of the quirkier sides of life in The World’s (Almost) Greenest City. We called the feature Loose Change.

It has been a great challenge and a total pleasure to work with one of Canada’s most respected and beloved brands, and Vancity has offered me a great deal of editorial freedom to choose which aspects of our LotusLand Life to poke some fun at. Hopefully, we are tweaking the brain cells as well as the funny bone.

Have a look at the blog, subscribe if you like it, and let us know what you think. And if your brand communications could use a smile, feel free to draw upon my services.

Laneway Dog House cartoon

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