At a recent Hemlock Printers event, held at the Vancouver Art Gallery, I was invited to deliver an evening of interactive live cartooning. The Art of Print was a showcase event for Hemlock, one of North America’s leading providers of sustainable printing services, where they launched the catalogue for the VAG’s Emily Carr exhibit and the expansion of their industry-leading ZERO Carbon-Neutral print services.

We chose the ‘Bridge to Sustainability’ as our theme, and asked guests to post their ideas for what should be included in the piece. Over the next several hours, I cartooned, (fueled by the occasional beverage) and incorporated almost every element into the art. It provided a great source of entertainment for the crowd, and generated buzz both at the event and on social media. Afterwards I brought the black & white art into the Procreate app on my iPad Pro to colourize it.

The result was added animation to the evening, extra social media content and a fun piece suitable for framing or further marketing promotion.

If you are curious about adding live cartooning to your event or conference, drop me a line or learn more at

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