© Harley Davidson

© Harley Davidson

You know electric power has hit the mainstream when legendary motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson builds an electron-powered bike. That’s right, Project LiveWire is the latest prototype badass e-bike to hit the road, on a promo tour in select iconic locations. It’s got I’m-the-meanest-electric-bike-on-the-road styling and if anyone can build a cool, battery heavy ride it’s got to be Harley.

Some are saying this will be the ‘halo’ bike that will bring rebel legitimacy to the charge-up category. But without the tooth-rattling car-alarm-triggering iconic V-twin sound, I think we need more. Some cult-building grandma-scaring brand art that will make people think twice as they don’t hear you rattling down their dusty main street.

I give you the e-bike tattoo sketch gallery V1.0



Now you’ll only need to stop at the gas station for smokes. And you’ll have more money to buy ’em, too.


Go ahead. Sell all our tar sands bitumen to China. We don’t need it. The US don’t need no Keystone XL either. And while we’re at it, screw you, OPEC.


Not all tattoos have to have such attitude. Lots of moms, dads and grandparents can ride with e-pride, too. How about a having happy hog on your shoulder? It’s brand-ready for a Disney cross-promo.


For anyone who has been jarred awake in the middle of the night with the jumbo-jet flatulence of a Harley with straight pipe exhausts, this will be a welcome brand update. Thunder is like, a state of mind, baby. Ride softly but carry a big charger.


This is actually a Harley-Davidson slogan from 2008. It was supposed to be their flip-of-the-bird to all the economic crisis woes. But it kind of works for Big Oil, too.


Of course, tattoos don’t have to be limited to Harley e-Bike owners. As a species we can all get behind the idea. So put a little Brando in your Brammo. Add a little zip to your Zero. Or even put some muscle in your Motorino.

But this is just a start. I officially throw down the gauntlet to REAL tattoo artists out there. Let’s give all e-motorcycles a bit more street cred.



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