solar powered fun and gamesLooks like the classic world of railroads, real estate, mortgages and high rolling is getting a makeover, and more sustainable utilities are on board.

Of course, it’s Monopoly® the board game we’re talking about here. This standby has undergone a worldwide transformation, under the name Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition, featuring 22 cities from around the world in lieu of the old streets and avenues. Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are all featured – not a bad average, considering China was the only other country to get three burgs on the board. 

But what’s really interesting, from the sustainability perspective, is that the old utilities of “Electric Company” and “Water Works” are being replaced with “Wind Energy” and “Solar Energy” to reflect the growing emphasis on worldwide environmental concerns.

Unfortunately Hasbro Inc blows it by reducing four railroads to one and including air, cruise and space travel as the other transportation options, all of which contribute significantly more to Global Warming than trains.

I guess it is still a microcosm of capitalism run amok, after all.

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