The day started too early, but cycling along the False Creek seawall at dawn gave Vancouver a quiet grace I have not seen for a long time. Bus through customs was uneventful, though an extra $10 to put a bike in the hold for a 3 hour trip seems a bit much.
At the Amtrak Station in Seattle, the renovation work that was underway in 2008 does not appear to have advanced significantly. Recycling bins at the ends of the classic train pews have brought some visible attempt at sustainability messaging to the decor, but otherwise it could be a dingy train station from 1976.
Checking in my bike costs another $10, but for that I get a free box. They want me to take off the pedals and undo the handlebars, but without the tools I just mangle it into the box and hope for the best.
So far the bucolic morning ride is the only apparent reward for traveling green.
Update: There is one reward… LEGROOM!

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