#brands, #sustainabilty, #vancouver, #beer, #design, #defybrandgravity


#brands, #sustainabilty, #vancouver, #beer, #design, #defybrandgravity

Get the best of both worlds with a hand-drawn digital brand.

As design templates, online layout apps and stock logo options digitally proliferate, it can be hard to source a brand design with authentic character. Yet the flexibility and ability to scale clean vector graphics is an undeniable advantage. One answer is to hand-draw graphics with vector-based digital tools. This recent ...

Sustainable Brands 2019… through the eyes of a cartoonist.

Attending the world’s foremost sustainability brand conference is like being sucked into a massive green hurricane. (Just scroll around the 360VRtoon recap above at high speed to get the feeling) Going there as a cartoonist-at-large, armed with pens, iPad and a nose for quirky contrasts, and it’s an environment ripe ...

How to send your best wishes in 360VR (or by mail).

Sterling Hall School in Toronto wanted to send a high-tech holiday greeting, without alienating people who still love getting a card in the mail. Working with Agency Next Door, a T.O. creative shop, Unicycle Creative provided cartoon illustration, 360VR design and a print version that delivered on all fronts. Here’s ...

Dodge Caravan to be Rebranded in Light of Migrant Threat

The Longest-Serving Nameplate in the Chrysler Lineup is About to be Retired. The surprise move was specifically made to address changing perceptions around the name ‘Caravan’ which has been in use for 5 generations of vehicles made mostly in America since 1983. “The term ‘Caravan’ now has connotations with dangerous, ...

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