#brands, #sustainabilty, #vancouver, #beer, #design, #defybrandgravity


#brands, #sustainabilty, #vancouver, #beer, #design, #defybrandgravity

Favourite Website of the Month: The Earth From Space

This Space Shuttle photo shows haze from China over the Pacific Ocean, on March 4, 1996, probably a mixture of air pollution, dust, and smoke. The corridor is 200 km wide and 600 km long. I found this image at an amazing (and FREE) on-line catalogue: “The Gateway to Astronaut Photography ...

Carbon Credits Update

My last e-news article on carbon credits generated lively feedback. Some felt it was a worthwhile concept, others derided it as simply a hucksterish way to soothe eco-guilt. Turns out BusinessWeek was skeptical, too.(see article) In it’s response,TerraPass, one of the companies I featured, recently conducted an audit of the project in question, the ...

Blackspot Sneakers – The Official Unicycle Sustainable Shoe

  When you’re cruising around on just one wheel, you need footwear that gives you a good feel for the earth. The Blackspot Sneaker is more than just a shoe. It’s a global movement. Or global brand anti-movement, if you will. The shoe itself is made from organic hemp, in ...

Navigating the underworld of credits, offsets and guilt-reduced travel.

The Painful Stats: An average domestic U.S. flight releases more than 1,700 lbs of greenhouse gases per passenger, and our cars unload four to 10 tons of carbon dioxide, on average, into the atmosphere every year. As part of my continued quest to ride the sustainable Unicycle lifestyle, I set ...

BC’s Throne Speech: Eco-Marketing bonanza, or just more hot green air?

  On February 13th, 2007, Parliament was launched with a Throne Speech that “calls for bold action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” Included among the politically ambitious if somewhat vague promises, were a number of concepts that should prove fertile for businesses who are already walking the walk. One that caught my ...

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