It takes a special kind if cyclist to venture out in the cold and rain in December just for the fun of it. But there was more to this small ride than just the hot chocolate at the end. The focus of Business for Bikes is to show the corporate world that supporting cycling makes good financial sense. The organizers handed out Thank You cards for cyclists to give to the businesses along the Hornby route, and encouraged them to visit, shop and spread the velo love along the route. I picked up a few stocking stuffers myself at the Urban Gardener, and the manager there said she had noticed some support from cyclists and told me they were actually getting ready to install a bike rack. This was my first ride on the new path, and I must say, it makes the trip downtown a much more enjoyable experience. I was also able to see the local businesses much better than from my car, and I plan to use the thank you cards as I return for more Christmas Shopping.
The Green Briefs Two-Bits:
Overall, the event was fun for the handful that attended, and there was a news camera there as well, so hopefully the media picked up the pro business message. It’s tough to get critical mass at this cold, dark, busy time of year, however. I hope Business for Bikes can build and sustain this momentum with a series of rides, or festivals along the route. And one last thought… Could Business for Bikes be called Bikes for Business?

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