It’s interesting how the perceptions and realities of sustainability ebb and flow. It wasn’t too long ago that we were all shunning the printed page, saving trees by not printing that e-mail. Until we calculated the carbon footprint of the server farms that dish up all that e-spam. Or the piles of wasted devices we use to read it.

Meanwhile, good old-fashioned ink-on-paper printing has been steadily cleaning up its act. Take CORONADO® SST 100 paper stock for instance. Offered through a partnership with Neenah Papers and BC’s Hemlock Printers, it’s FSC Certified, created from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber, and made with Green-e certified energy. It’s also certified carbon-neutral throughout its life cycle by Hemlock’s ZERO Program. What this means it that very sheet of Coronado SST 100 that you use supports Offsetters portfolio of carbon offset projects, including BC’s Great Bear Rainforest Carbon project, which offsets approximately one million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere annually.

So when you are considering marketing alternatives, remember that print may not be the choice that creates the greatest footprint. Make sure you aren’t printing excess quantities, choose the right stock and remember to tell the world you are making conscious choices by featuring the FSC logo and the correct recycling symbols on your publications.

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*Unicycle Creative worked with Hemlock to help brand the CORONADO® SST 100 launch, sourcing this amazing Spirit Bear photo from ace shooter Ron Theile.



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