Maison-21-Quebec-Renovation-Ad green building marketing

Unicycle Creative recently had the opportunity to create another magazine ad for long-time client BRODA® Coatings, to run in the Quebec market. Maison 21, a magazine focused on home design and construction, is the publication. This particular issue focused on the hot topic of renovations.

We decided to reach out to our homeowner and contractor target market with the built-in truths of renovation (the chaos) and link this with one of our main product benefits (easy maintenance). The sketch for the idea, originally envisioned as a photograph, inspired the client to ask if we could test a cartoon look for the finished execution.

To avoid any linguistic complications, we kept the headline straightforward and informational, letting the cartoon do the work of adding the charm and engagement factor. The headline reads something to the effect of, “By the time you finish renovating, you’ll be glad you chose a finish this easy to maintain.”

Cartoons have an easy appeal, and can often be a great way to address painful subject matter in a non-threatening way. As multiple language marketing opportunities continue to grow, it’s worth keeping this tried, tested and fun option in your brand toolkit.

Through our landing page, we can track results from this campaign fairly easily, so we will let you know how many characters decide to ask for some free samples. And if you know anyone in Quebec who is renovating, feel free to forward this along. It just might offer them a ray of hope.

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