Hemlock Printers is one of North America’s most advanced print shops, having won numerous awards and being named The most Environmentally Progressive Printer in Canada. Yet when they launched  NameTag™ Print Response Marketing, we decided to make the message as simple as a whiteboard sketch.

Nametag™ combines the power of customized direct-mail with the sophistication and tracking of online response, working with mailing lists, customizing messaging and printing digital direct-mail with variable data almost anywhere on the material. A Nametag URL and password is then personalized for each recipient. When customers enter these online, they are welcomed with their own web page, branded with custom graphics. They can RSVP, order on-line, answer a survey… the possibilities are endless. (See what we mean about complex? Just watch the video…!)

If you use direct-mail, you should have a look at this service. Better response means less waste, and that’s always a good thing. Find out more at Hemlock.com.

Unicycle Creative came up with the NameTag™ handle and branding, and the video concept. Then shot the piece in-house with Lorne Craig’s steady marker hand at the controls. Sound design was provided by GGRP.

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