mapchangeIt’s every green CEO’s nightmare – convincing the board to invest in sustainability only to see the competition rise with the tide of public opinion for doing nothing. This is one of the potential scenarios painted in an interesting report called MapChange 2010, released this week by Change and Angus Reid Public Opinion. (Change is a ‘Green Innovation Brand Agency’ based in Vancouver. Angus Reid – well, 98.9% of you know who they are, 19 times out of 20)

The study used two distinct measurements to gauge actual and perceived leadership in addressing climate change. To measure actual brand sustainability they used Climate Count’s newly released 2010 corporate climate scores. To measure consumer brand perception, Angus Reid Public Opinion conducted an online survey of 2,032 American adults.

Some surprising results: Kellog’s has a perceived climate leadership score of 82. Their actual – just 42. Compare with Stonyfield Farm whose score is almost directly the inverse, with a perceived leadership of only 44 and an actual score of 81. Ouch.

For more details, why not just go download the report yourself. It’s free. And well worth reading if corporate sustainability and public perception are important in your world.

Now I wonder what would happen if Change and Angus Reid applied that methodology to INDIVIDUALS…. hmmmm.

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