The Longest-Serving Nameplate in the Chrysler Lineup is About to be Retired.

The surprise move was specifically made to address changing perceptions around the name ‘Caravan’ which has been in use for 5 generations of vehicles made mostly in America since 1983.

“The term ‘Caravan’ now has connotations with dangerous, illegal mobs,” says Wally Bildings, VP of Brand Oversight, “Gangs of swarthy young men marching to our borders looking for trouble do not resonate with our key demographic. We needed a fresh name that evokes images of families, exploring the open road, seeking for all the freedom and opportunity this country offers.”

Great-Mobile; a Name Destined for Greatness.

According to the press release, the new moniker takes its cues from ‘a growing sense of national pride and manifest superiority.’ Car buyers visiting their local showrooms will find a whole line of Great-Mobile options to choose from, though color selection will now be limited.

“The Great-Mobile will only be available in three color options,” Bildings says, “Red, White, and a Red-White-and-Blue Special Edition that comes with all the options, including headlight lashes.”

When asked about the future prospects for the brand, Bildings was emphatic. “Whatever happens to the caravan massing on our southern border, the Great-Mobile brand will keep rolling without looking back.”

Parody report by Unicycle Creative with image files from




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