eco-equity-brochureOK, so if I qualify for federal grants for my home energy efficiency improvements, I can borrow all the money I need and pay it back with the money I save on my energy bills. Can it be that easy? Well, that was the pitch from Blair Wilson at the ecoEquity booth.  Sounds like a great idea, and one that more people should take advantage of. But, according to Wilson, Western Canadians just don’t go for federal grants as much as they should, citing a general lack of awareness as the reason. I know from my creative-brain perspective, the process for applying seems too onerous to even contemplate. So their offer to help take care of the paperwork looks particularly inviting to me.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: The brochure begins with several points; Earn up to $12,345; ecoEquity Green Lease; 100% Financing; Increase the value of your home… etc. perhaps they could focus on one main benefit first. Or offer a few versions of the brochure tailored to different priorities. (And if Western Canadians need help getting government money, that might be a good lead for one option) The inside of the brochure continues with more good points about the program, but could use more ways for the reader to interact. With an issue this complex, I might suggest a link to a YouTube video on their website home page, with a nice tight explanation and maybe a few testimonials, and possibly a referral program for those who have successfully participated.

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