There’s nothing appealing about having a giant plastic barrel in your yard. But a gently babbling fountain that sits atop a sub-surface cistern, circulating the water to keep it fresh while taking some of the stress off our municipal water and storm sewer systems… what’s not to like about that?

endlessrain_logoI like the upside-down umbrella idea of their logo, and the endless rain booth was nicely designed, with informative displays. Owner Gord Szolnyanszky  took me through a few of the advantages of the systems, and we discussed the challenges of setting it up off-grid (powering the fountain being the main one). After returning home, I checked out the endless rain web site, which offers a rich viewing experience, if a bit flash-heavy.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: IMHO, this set-up should be required in new home construction. So why not contact municipal regulators and news agencies to make the case? Choose an Endless Rain representative and position them as an expert in the media for PR opportunities regarding water issues.  And look act cross-promoting with contractors, architects, landscapers and even fountain artists like Douglas Walker.

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