enviro-orangeThis booth was staffed by people so friendly the even offered me a piece of their pizza. And overall their show presence was very consistent with their logo, colours and branding. As I was looking for some cleaner, I almost bought a bottle of their concentrated stuff, as the rep gave me a whiff of its orangey scent and explained all the different cleaning jobs this one product could provide when used in various concentrations. So what stopped me? For one thing, the cleaner bottle itself is kind of generic, as is the overall logo and brand. It just didn’t have as much positive personality as the people behind it. But it certainly could.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: A unique packaging idea would really help this brand. Something with personality. And a tangible green benefit. And a purpose tied to the brand itself. How about a recycled-plastic bottle that somehow helps you measure the correct concentration of EnviroOrange for the job at hand? Or even an orange-shaped measuring device that attaches to the bottle? That would really help me imagine measuring out the different concentrations for all the cleaning tasks this brand can tackle.

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