For our client, London Drugs, 2018 marks the 10th year they have been tracking every single pound of recycling, in every material category, from every store in their chain. We decided to add it all up and tell the story to celebrate and thank the people who helped make it happen. If you have some big stats to share, here are a few things we learned along the way.

Do the math and Google for fresh comparisons. 113 Million pounds sounds like a lot. But who can relate to that? Googling some simple terms like ‘what weighs 100 million pounds’ leads to some pretty interesting sites created by people who obviously have way too much time on their hands. Trains, boats, hippos… these are fun. We always like to double check the numbers (if we can), and estimate a little on the conservative side. And keep those links handy. Teachers like it if you show your work.

Use layered, vector artwork where possible. We used a combination of stock and original vector illustrations. (Vector means the art is infinitely scalable – handy if someone calls up later wanting to use the graphic in say, a wall mural or trade show booth) We planned out our animations and assembled the artwork in Adobe Illustrator layers that would be easy to work with in our animation program, After Effects.

Listen, sound is important. A good soundtrack and clean voice over are key. Recording in a studio environment lets you avoid sounding like you read the script in your bathroom. Sound effects really punctuate animations – a little bump or squeak can make even a simple animation come to life. But make sure you have adequate type on screen, or captions, so that silent surfers can get the idea, too.

Paste the copy into your blog too. Embedding your YouTube video or your beautiful infographic JPEG or PDF looks great, but search engines may not find it so interesting. We always paste the text in for extra keyword power.

Thank at least as much as you brag. If your company has achieved something as cool as recycling 113 Million pounds, chances are you didn’t do it alone. Calling out the people who really make it happen, including partners and customers, also gives you more vectors for social sharing.

Spread it everywhere. Once you have your clever and sticky video, get it out there. Send it to all your employees. Save out jpeg image versions for Twitter, Facebook or other social feeds. Share it with your Mom. Heck, you can even write a blog article about it that all sorts of relevant people will read. They may even share it.

Do you have a cool stat story to tell? Let us know if we an help, or just help share it.


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