greenworksignAs home renovations and construction grows, Alastair Moore  and Pete McGee at want to help make more of that growth green. Their store, Greenworks Building Supply in Vancouver, offers a blend of eco-chic design, trade warehouse sensibility.
There are various interpretations of the term ‘green building’. There are products and services that are energy efficient, or environmentally-friendly. More broadly, it can refer to a complete supply-chain where these values continue back from the product designer to the raw materials providers. Greenworks has products in both categories.
There’s American Clay, a plaster-like wall-coating with a thousand-year history, and a no-fade guarantee that means you may never have to paint again. If you do paint, try Safecoat – coatings so non-toxic, they were literally designed for people with chemical sensitivities. For wood stain, look at the 50+ colours available in the BRODA line of water-based natural oil coatings. Flooring choices include bamboo, reclaimed wood, recycled rubber and cork, made from the off-cuts from wine cork production. For insulation, check out the (need insulation brand name here), made from recycled denim fibre. No more itchy pink stuff.
“Our customers are about 50/50 homeowners and trades.” Says Alastair Moore. “Homeowners look to do a ‘green’ renovation, because they want to do the right thing, and tell their friends about it. Contractors come in when their clients demand green. They are more skeptical, because their systems are very ingrained. But they find the quality is as good or better, and they enjoy the health benefits of green building products.”
“What is your health worth? Can you really compare the cost of a non-toxic wool carpet to the cost of an out-gassing synthetic one when your child is playing on it?”
If you’re doing a renovation or building project, or are just interested in the latest in green design and technology, Greenworks is well worth a visit.

Greenworks Building Supply
386 West 8th, Vancouver BC

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