recycled poppyIn an age where Lindsay Lohan’s coke habit gets more airtime than most wars, it’s more important than ever to take time to reflect on the sacrifice and brutality of the conflicts that have brought us to this point.

But do we really have to produce millions of plastic poppies that will probably live in landfills long after western civilization itself has declined?

I say it’s time for a redesign of this symbol.

Start with the material. It would be a simple task to source recycled paperboard that would be more than adequate for a few weeks on most lapels. If it gets too wilted, buy another one, cheapskate.

To take it another step further, there is a company called Botanical Paper Works that produces paper infused with flower seeds. Produce a version of the lapel poppy from this material, and on November 12th, just pop the poppy in a plant pot and let a whole new season of remembrance begin.

As for the stick-pin that draws more blood annually than the Red Cross, that will take some more engineering. I for one would pay double for a simple safety pin.

So there you have it. I leave it to the free market to make the most of this opportunity, so pass the idea around if you like it.

In the meantime,  I’ll still put my money in the can, but I’ll pass on the plastic poppy, thanks. I think I’ll make my own lapel flower this year. This day is too important to remember with cheap plastic.

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