live_for_tomorrowAs an avid fan of the Avalon Dairy classic glass bottle, I was intrigued when I saw this line of cleaners packaged in these iconic containers. One look at that historic shape and I get an instant sense of purity and a throwback to less toxic times. Speaking with Keena, wife of Live for Tomorrow owner Munu Hicken-Gaberria, I found out the bottle has a practical side as well. It is returnable, with a deposit (just like its farm cousins) and goes right back into production to be refilled. On the spray cleaner side of things, a more modern solution is provided in the form of a compact, stainless steel bottle. This too, is a ‘lifetime’ refillable product, and its handy size means you don’t have to shlep around a big bottle to zap a stain or two. As a locally-produced and Eco-Logo certified product, Live for Tomorrow gets full marks.
Green Briefs Marketing Thoughts: Although the brand has a consistent and clean look, the modern design and font choice of the labeling seemed somewhat at odds with the old-fashioned milk bottle design in that particular line. But the real opportunity to me would be to cross-promote directly with Avalon Dairy. This would be a deep-green target market, used to paying a premium and used to the returnable bottle format. No brainer.

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