While creating a recent newspaper ad for CBR Products and their BRODA® wood stain, I was reminded of how important it can be to look beyond the low-hanging green fruit of sustainable messaging. For those of you unfamiliar with BRODA®, it is a coating product with significant eco-advantages; it uses bio-oils to carry the pigment into the wood, it is low VOC, and because it uses water instead of solvent, all brushes and spills clean up with soap and a garden hose.

But for homeowners, durability is really the #1 test of a wood stain. This is especially true of those who have to protect wood in the harsh, damp environment of the Coast Mountains. What better to do that job than a product formulated and tested right there by a local log home builder?

The ad shown here ran in the Whistler Question – one of the local papers in a town that defines the term ‘variable weather’.

So the ad became less about the earth-saving advantages of BRODA® and more about its ability to protect homes with local expertise, using the famously damp spring of 2011 as our reference point.

The lesson here: Look at your own brand’s ‘green’ advantages from another point of view. You just may discover an angle that resonates even more with your target market.

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