According to a study by the Conference Board of Canada, consumers are starting to demand more local choices on their plates. Maybe that’s part of the reason chef Randy Jones’ Mile One Eating House, in Pemberton BC, has taken off. From local grass-fed beef burgers to Pemberton potato fries on the side, the Mile One recipe for success starts right in their own back yard.

So when Mile One expanded their operation to provide an open kitchen local market area, they wanted a way to celebrate the local bounty and show their customers just how much the Pemberton Valley has to offer.


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They commissioned a piece of in-store art showing as many of the valley’s features (and quirks) as possible in a huge illustrated Lorne Craig cartooned poster.

As a recreational property owner in the area for almost 20 years, I was able to bring some of my own local knowledge to the table, and work with the Mile One team to identify key farming and food production areas up and down the valley. Randy also had no problem having some fun with local identity, which makes the piece a little more edgy and entertaining.

mile-one-detailNot only does the illustration work as a holistic local valley zeitgeist, it is also high-resolution enough that the Mile One marketing team can use its myriad characters for any number of branding and marketing projects.

Consumers indicate that some of their motivation for purchasing local food is to support their local economy and farmers. Many also believe that local produce is fresher than alternatives.

All good reasons to check out the Mile One Eating House, and have a look at what local character can really bring to the table.


The real thing, with a compostable to-go container!

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