FixFox Character DesignSince its invention in the 1990’s, the MegaPro patented bit storage screwdriver has steadily been gaining enthusiastic acceptance from tradespeople and DIY types around the world.

MegaPro inventor Hermann Fruhm came to Unicycle Creative with the challenge of naming and branding a new electric driver prototype based on the successful MegaPro bit-handle platform. The objective was to personify a product that appeals to the mainstream household market, with a quality pedigree earned in the trades.
 This required a clear understanding of WHO we are targeting, WHAT problems this driver solves and WHY someone should buy it.

MegaPro Naming

  • We engaged a Brand Centering™ session with the following objectives:
  • Explore end user target markets for the new driver
  • Prioritize benefits and key messaging for marketing / crowdfunding
  • Explore product personality
  • Brainstorm possibilities for product ‘extras’ – the special attributes of packaging or design that can raise our driver above the rest.
  • Create a list of attributes that we can use to develop a product NAME.


We identified that a key target market was households, and in particular, women. So rather than explore aggressive, industrial identities, it was decided to move in a friendlier, more animated direction – while still retaining a quality tool perception.

MegaPro screwdriver names

A range of names were considered, and run through a preliminary web search for trademark conflicts. Finalists included references to racing drivers, doctors and animals.

Screwdriver branding characters

Our final choice, The FixFox, combines attributes of intelligence, speed, dexterity and a certain sly character that can appeal to both homeowners and tradespeople.

FixFox logo design

The character and logo design were considered with equal care, ultimately retaining the bold, MegaPro font for brand consistency. The FixFox himself has an expression that is eager, friendly, energetic and engaging.

The tagline ‘Let’s get fixin’ literally invites the viewer to imagine the myriad tasks that this handy tool can tackle.

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