If you wince every time you have to print a job on the skins of dead trees, take a look at TerraSkin™. Instead of using wood pulp, TerraSkin™ is manufactured from stone – 75% mineral powder held together with 25% non-toxic resin – in a manufacturing process that uses no water. The result is a sturdy, water-resistant paper, available in a range of weights from a .08mm, with a texture similar to drafting vellum, to .5 mm, which has an almost leather-like quality. Because it is not a fiber, it offers crisp rich colour printing using 20% – 30% less ink. At the end of its life cycle, TerraSkin™ will degrade safely back to its mineral components in three to nine months. Suggested use are shopping bags, hang tags, gift boxes, signage, labels and promotional materials. Find out more at www.chameleonpackaging.com.

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