I love discovering new reasons to blog about my favourite products. So when my wife Sharon brought home this special Canada Day package of my beloved Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips, I was inspired.
Right off the bat this has good idea written all over it. Not only does it present the product in a fresh and attractive way (combining the red and white corn chips in a festive blend) the theme is tied to a strong national holiday and reintroduces the idea that Que Pasa is actually a made-in-Canada product. Of course this wouldn’t be a Green Briefs blog if I didn’t have some constructive criticism to offer. In this case it has to do with missed opportunities.
Googling ‘Que Pasa O Canada Tortilla Chips’ leads me to the main products section of their site , but this festive product extension is not mentioned. Nor could I find any other reference to it. I would love to have found a humorous Mexi-Canadian recipe book, a glossary of Canuck Spanish terms, or a YouTube video. (“We don’t need no steenking badges, eh!”) The package label itself could have done with a bit more fun as well, with a special URL to visit for more info. Perhaps a trip to Mexico as part of a cross-promotion with Corona.
All in all, a lot of ways to think out of the bag on this one. Maybe next year. (And when the next federal election is called, I can see a lot more strategies to dip into.)
Speaking of which… time to eat the photo prop.
After all, it’s Canada Day weekend at the cabin.

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