Monterey Sustainable Road TripSustainable Brands 2011 starts in a week. The train is booked. I’m taking my bike in for a tune-up. I’ve consolidated the results of my survey and have chosen my sessions (with your able assistance, dear readers). I’ve even offered to host a talk on green attitudes at one of the SB’11 ‘Birds of a Feather’ dinner discussions – evening mixers held at local restaurants. My topic: Good Green News / Bad Green News – Which motivates better?

For the rest of the sessions, according to your survey votes, here are some of the talks I should see:

• Inspiring Sustainability in Skeptics
• Managing For Change: Stages of Sustainability Maturity
• Reality Check: Evaluating & Combating Consumer’s Green Fatigue
• Fun and Impact: Making the Connection and
• Dissecting Communications from the Top 10 Green Brands

Networking-wise, most respondents were interested in meeting folks from Disney, Best Buy and Saatchi & Saatchi. But by far the most votes encouraged me to seek out “the (other) freakiest-looking person in the room”. I’m on it.

Best suggestion for non-conference gonzo-journalistic activities: “Strippers. How to live green by wearing less.”

The survey is still posted, so there’s time for a few more entries in the ‘Green California Souvenir’ contest.

Otherwise it’s off to Monterey….

Remember, you can follow all the fun in real-time on my Twitter feed @GreenBriefs.

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